Not just pretty faces, here’s the Te Awanga Estate gang!  Click on their photos to learn a little more about these super duper, hard working people.

Rod McDonald

Email Rod

Hayden Penny

Soil Lover
Email Hayden

Luisa Forbes

Wine Diplomat + Chief High Viz Organiser
(People + Culture)
Email Lu

Kim Nichol

Number Lover
Email Kim

Loma Robertson

Kitchen Queen
(Kitchen Manager)
Email Loma


Kath Eaton

Calculator Controller
(Company Accountant)
Email Kath


Greta Sawyer

Super Cellar Dweller
(Cellar Door Manager)
Email Greta


Natalie Sanders


Wine People Pleaser
(Customer Relationship Manager)
Email Nat

Stu Devine

Not Very Secret US Agent
(President of Devine Wines)
Email Stu


Protector of boundaries.
Email Cricket
(don’t be silly, she’s a dog)

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