Hayden Penny

Te Awanga Estate winemaker + soil lover

I started out Te Awa Winery fresh out of the Eastern Institute of Technology here in Hawke’s Bay, then hit the United States, Spain, Bulgaria and Marlborough before circling back home to the bay in 2010 where I’ve been growing organically ever since. Coming back to Hawke’s Bay after travelling was an easy decision, we have so much diversity in climate, soil and styles.

I never could decide if I wanted go all in in the winery or in the vineyard, so working in both for Te Awanga Estate, along with William Murdoch and Supernatural Wine Co previously, has been the perfect balance. I love the idea of seeing wines from pruning, to bottling, to drinking.

While travelling and making wine overseas, I became convinced that organics was the only way forward. For me, soil is the key. Happy soil means happy vines, means happy grapes, happy ferments, happy winemakers!

I want to leave every piece I farm in better condition than when I started and organics is the key to this. We can’t continue to take without putting back and organics is a way of ensuring the land we farm now can continue to be farmed successfully by our children and many more generations to come.  HP

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