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Wow…you made it.  The backend of the website where only those who have signed up to our Drinkers+Keepers wine club lurk! Thanks so much for jumping on board and signing up, we really do appreciate it.  We hope to not only take a little of the hassle out of ordering wine for you, but to also keep it cool and low-key, yet informative and interesting!, along the way. Here we’ll be able to keep you up to date with the comings and goings of Te Awanga Estate, what wines we have on the horizon, how the vintage is going, dinners Rod might be hosting, lunches we may be organising…those kinds of things.  It might also become a place for us to chat about the wines you’ve been drinking, the food you put alongside them and most importantly the occasion, location and the people you shared them with. We’re kind of going to just let it roll.  You can comment below on any post and all your other D+K mates can chip in and help out should they wish to.  In the meantime though, do sing out if you have any questions.  You are welcome to email the Wine Genie anytime you like for a little back up.  Over and out.
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