Please take a mo to update your deets…

So we got bogged down with a system that didn’t suit our three-monthly payment rounds and in order to get things back on track and running smoothly, we need you to take a mo to re-enter your credit card details into the Members section of the website…which you must be in if you are reading this!  We apologise for the hassle, but our web-peeps assure us that this new system, Stripe, is the way to go. So if you can please, as soon as you can:
  1. Once on our website and logged in to your Drinkers+Keepers account (as you are now)…
  2. Click on My Account (found on the top strip next to FAQs).
  3. Click on Payment Methods.
  4. Load your most favourite credit card.
  5. Click the Add Payment Method button.
  6. All done.
Thank you very much, we know it’s a faff, but it shouldn’t take you more than a couple of minutes.  Any problems please email our Wine Genie. Thank you!
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