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Hey D+Kers, we trust you are all safe and well in this crazy time.  We have a super little pre-release offer coming out to ya’ll tomorrow which includes a wine that won’t be released to the wide world until September/October, but in the meantime, here’s a little vintage update from Rod: “It’s all business unusual this week. Thanks to everyone involved in our harvest this year…pickers, drivers, our vineyard team, cellar hands and winemakers in helping us get everything in safely.  It’s a lot to ask people to put themselves out there and we are whole-heartedly grateful to all of them. We’re hurtling towards the end of harvest by the end of the first week of April which is crazy.  All the canopies are starting to turn yellow and the vines have had enough. Too many cold nights and a tough season with heat and drought conditions, they’re done! We made a start on our Merlot and Syrah a few days ago and we’re thinking we’ll have it all picked by the middle of next week.  Flavours and colour have been amazing across the board with the reds. I’ve just finished tasting through all our fermenters with Sophie <winemaker> and the potential for a stellar year is definitely there.  White ferments are starting to finish and there are a few ugly ducklings…there always are.  The fun part is watching re-assemble themselves into balanced, complex, unique wines over the coming months. This harvest will most certainly go down in the books as something special.”  RM
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