The Aussie in the mix.

Just in case you missed our email today…here’s how we’ll deal with any non TAE wines in the future.  We do advertise on our website that from time to time we will pop in a bottle or two from our friends around the traps, but from here on in here’s how it will roll:
  • It will now become an Opt OUT system
  • If we are going to include a non-TAE wine, we will email you all a couple of weeks in advance of the next shipment and ask you to return the email if you want to Opt OUT. No email and we’ll simply pop the wine in and send it on its way
  • It is likely to be only one bottle from here on in, not the three some of you received
  • There will always be (as there was this time) some sort of a link to us – perhaps a friend has made it, perhaps Rod thinks it’s good to compare it to one of ours or a superb expression of a particular wine style…we’ll point that out for you with the inclusion.
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