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Hi lovely Drinkers+Keepers. We hope your May shipment is soon to land on your doorstep.  When it does, let us know what you think…?  There’s a couple of new wines in there.  Did you like RMs picks this time round, how about the food match notes – do you ever use them?  What about the Keep notes? Now don’t get me wrong here…we love all our D+Kers no matter what number of bottles you pick, but we do think that the 6+ packs get the full D+K experience.  6 packs get three different wines, one to Drink + one to Keep (if they can!) of each.  12 packs get four wines one to Drink + one to Keep (aha) + one to Share (you know you should!) of each.  But 3 packs are the perfect entry level too! What are your thoughts on your May packs…?
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