Hey, it’s me!

It really is!  I don’t know what happened in September to make me jump out of here for a few months, but I am back and keen to keep in touch.  To be honest, don’t know if anyone actually reads these, so drop a note below if you do! So May is here, the vineyards are hunkering down for winter + the May shipment is being packed.  We’ll get that out to you on Tuesday 7 May…so look out!  Following that, I will email everyone the date for our 5th ever D+K Zoom tasting.  Everyone will have at least one of the three tasting wines in their shipment packs, but you will also have an opportunity to purchase all three tasting wines in a special Zoom pack.  I’ll load those up for purchase after we get the shipment wines out the door.  You certainly don’t need to have all thee to participate in the tasting, but it’s an option many appreciate. That’s all.  Keep in touch – we love all feedback – either below or email jo@teawangaestate.co.nz  
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