Along with the larger vineyards, which provide most of our annual production, we work with a few small blocks that we love – that’s Small Blocks.  They’re special little snapshots of what Hawke’s Bay can do and are as important to us for the linked history to some of our wines as they are a revealing glimpse on where we might like to go.  A mix of history and R&D.

Tuki Vineyard

Situated in Havelock North, the vineyard is gently sloping and receives all day sun. Winters are cold at night but can still be warm during the day, heavy frosts are rare. The soils were formed by volcanic and seismic activity and are a sandy clay loam over river shingle.

Doc’s Block: Seven Winds

Situated close to the Tukituki River behind a stop bank holding back the river when it’s in flood. You’d have to describe this block as a stony riverbed, with a little fine river silt over top. It was planted 25 years ago with Mendoza Cone Chardonnay and it’s the heart of our Chardonnay love.

Seagar’s Block: Hovering Hawk

This is a new and unique site overlooking the Tukituki River on the eastern bank opposite Havelock North. A very complex mix of limestone, clay, alluvial deposits, volcanic ash and windblown loess, this two hectare sun-trap has turned out to be a spectacular Syrah site.

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